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General Rules 

  1. The students, resident or non-resident should carry themselves gracefully and modestly, even when outside the premises of the college, in order to build and maintain an exemplary reputation.
  2. Resident as well as non-resident students should be properly chaperoned when they attend public functions.
  3. Students are expected to behave with courtesy towards members of the staff, fellow students, and all the visitors to the College.
  4. As the College is concerned with every aspect of the students’ life, each student will be expected to seek ways to a better understanding of herself and others through poise, discipline and sense of responsibility.
  5. A student is liable to be fined if found guilty of any of the following:
  • Impolite or unseemly behavior in classroom or on the college premise.
  • Persuading other students to absent themselves from regular classes.
  • Damaging or defacing college furniture, fittings and property,
  • Disobedience or neglect of instructions issued by the Principal or members of the staff from time to time,
  • A fine of Rs. 5/- per period and Rs. 10/- for the absence of the whole day will be levied.
  • Students will be fined Rs.25/-for incomplete uniform.
  • A fine of Rs. 100/- (minimum), Rs. 1000/- (maximum)will be imposed for misconduct or indiscipline.
  1. Each student will be required to contribute the best of her ability to the creation of a congenial atmosphere in the college and maintenance of general cleanliness and beauty of the college premises with a spirit of pride in the institution
  2. No society of political nature may be formed in the College and no person be invited to address the students without prior permission of the Principal.


  1. College students shall carry their identity card during college hours and shall produce it to the concerned authorities on demand. Students found without identity cards shall be fined Rs. 10)/- at each checking.
  2. Identity cards will be issued after one month of the confirmation of admission and will have to be surrendered while collecting security fee from the college.


  • Students are expected to wear college uniform every day i.e. White Cotton Shalwar, While Cotton Shirt with sleeves and collar and turquoise duppata, white socks and proper black shoes.
  • Blazer is a compulsory part of winter uniform. It must be worn with the college crest. The college badge must be worn at all times.
  • Shawls are not permitted.
  • Plain black jersies without any strips or pattern may be worn in winter.
  • Scarves if worn, should be plain black or white.
  • Sleeveless or tight shirts with laces, frills and low necklines are not allowed.
  • Plain black shoes or plain black joggers may be worn.
  • Jewellery, Open Sandals or Chappals, Coloured Ankle Socks are not allowed.
  • Students without prescribed uniform will be fined Rs. 25/- during first checking. Fine will be doubled alter each subsequent checking.
  • Parents are requested to cooperate with the college authorities in maintaining simplicity, neatness and modesty in the dress of the students.


  1. As the College courses are of specialized nature, a standard of attendance, higher than the minimum required by the University, is expected from the students. Under the University regulations, names of students falling short of 75% attendance cannot be sent for the final university examination.
  2. A regular B.S. and M.Sc., Home Economics student, not fulfilling the required attendance of the university will not be allowed to submit her admission form for the university examination.
  3. A fine of Rs. 5/- will be levied for an unexcused absence from a laboratory period and of Rs. 5/- for an absence from theory or assembly periods.
  4. If a student slips from the class room after attendance, she will be fined, and also marked absent in the next three classes in that subject.
  5. If a student is found guilty of calling a proxy, she would also be fined and marked absent in three subsequent classes.
  6. According to the Punjab University rules, name of student absenting continuously from College for 15 days in one or in all the subjects without prior permission, will be struck off the College Rolls and will be allowed readmission only once, along with payment of fine Rs. 100/- and on assurance of her parents/ guardian.
  7. Attendance of the students is compulsory till the last working day before holidays and from the first working day after the holidays,
  8. Students who remain absent in the last working week, before the holidays and first week after the holidays will be fined Rs. 100/-.


  1. Students are expected to be very careful about library books. They are not expected to take out books without getting these issued in their names.
  2. Books should also be returned on time. A fine of Rs. 5/- per day per book will be charged if books are returned late. A defaced book will have to be replaced by a new one.


  1. The structural design of the College is such that the main road of the college runs along – side the class rooms, and as such it is not advisable to have any vehicular traffic in the premise. Therefore, the students’ cars must be parked on the allotted parking areas adjacent to the college boundary wall.


  1. Students are advised neither to receive, nor make telephone calls during college hours, except in case of emergency and only with the permission of the Principal.
  1. Students are NOT ALLOWED to bring MOBILE PHONES to the college. If anyone is caught, the phone will be confiscated and not returned and a fine of Rs. 1000/- will be charged.


  1. All students, both resident and non-resident, will be examined by Medical Officer of the College at least once a year. In case of any disease or infirmity, the attention of the parents will be drawn and their co-operation is needed in this matter.
    Any student, suffering from or in contact with an infectious disease, must inform the college authorities and remain away from the College till the period of infection is over at the end of which she will be required to submit a medical certificate to the effect that she is free from infection.


  1. A total of 40 children are admitted in the Nursery Section of the Department of Child Development. Children of 3 years of age are admitted in April every year. Nursery Section programme extends over two years. Children have to leave the nursery to join a primary school on attaining the age of 5 years.

RISING ANGEL (Centre for Special Children)

  1. This centre is run by the Department of Human Development and family Studies on self help basis. It works as a lab for M.Sc. students and caters for the educational need of children with mild mental retardation. Children under ten years are admissible.


  1. Day scholars are not allowed to go to the Hostel at any time.
  2. Students are not allowed to visit administration offices except during the allotted time.
  3. Students are also not allowed to sit in the lawn adjacent to the administrative block and main gate.
  4. All students resident and non-resident, are not permitted to receive visitors during college hours. Special permission may be obtained from the Principal under unavoidable circumstances.
  5. Students are not allowed to go out during college hours except in an emergency, in which case, permission will be obtained by a parent or guardian from the principal in writing.
  6. Students can have eatables only near the canteen (behind the Main Hostel Block.)
  7. Sitting on roads is prohibited.
  8. Bringing eatables in any form to the academic area, classrooms, sports field or front lawns and roads is not allowed.


The Student Council helps the administration in arranging College functions. It consists of the following Office bearers of Societies and Clubs.

  1. Head Girl
  2. Home Economics Society / Deputy Head Girl
  3. Treasurer (to be chosen from the final year)
  4. Social Work Society
  5. Dramatics Society
  6. Related Art Society
  7. Editor Magazine (English)
  8. Debating Society (English)
  9. Editor Magazine (Urdu)
  10. Debating Society (Urdu)
  11. Science Society
  12. Music Society
  13. Sports Society
  14. Hostel Committee
  15. Red Crescent Youth Society

Head Girl and President of each society will be selected from the final year.