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The hostel is open to all students on the rolls of the College, subject to the availability of accommodation. Preference will be given to those, whose parents do not reside in Lahore. Students who wish to stay in the hostel are required to submit an application in triplicate on prescribed hostel admission forms available from the College office. It should be submitted along with the admission form.


Students are to follow the given rules strictly. Any student who violates hostel rules will be liable to disciplinary action.

Criteria for Eligibility

  1. Admission in the college hostel will be on yearly basis. Every year it will be renewed on the basis of the previous record of the boarders.
  2. Room must be occupied within a week after summer vacation.
  3. Girls with less than 75% hostel attendance will not be allowed rooms in the following year.
  4. Hostel dues must be paid on time. A fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged for delayed payments.
  5. A place in the hostel is kept for a boarder on the condition that full fee is paid for the period of absence.
  6. Student will get possession of the room on first come first get basis.


The Hostel Fee includes:

1. Hostel Admission Fee Rs. 5/- Per Year
2. Hostel Accommodation Fee Rs. 3/- Per Month
3 Mess Security Rs. 100/- Refundable
4. Mess Charges Rs. 3000/- p.m. Charged Quarterly
5 Hostel Funds: Rs. 2500/-p.m Non Refundable
6. Social Welfare Fund Rs. 100/ p.m. Non – Refundable
7. Hostel Security Rs. 1000/- Refundable


Hostel Fund which is Utilities, Maintenance and Service charges is to be paid for 12 months at the beginning of the year.

Outing / Leave

  1. No boarder is allowed to leave the college premises without the permission of the Warden/Principal.
  2. Boarders may become day scholars for a period of one week with prior permission of the warden.
  3. Boarders will not be allowed to leave hostel one week prior to college functions and vacation.
  4. All boarders who go for outing or for a weekend trip home are required to return to the hostel before Maghrib, Students must sign the register immediately on arrival and should be present for the evening roll call,
  5. Girls are not allowed to go out unescorted.
  6. Boarders are not allowed to use any one else’s gate pass.
  7. Boarders who remain out at night on an oufting gate pass will be expelled from the hostel. In case of emergency the guardian should inform the warden personally. Telephonic messages will not be accepted. Boarders who go out without the gate pass will be expelled from the hostel.
  8. The hostel gate will remain closed from: 9 am – 3 pm on week days. The gate will remain open on Sundays from 9 a.m. till before Maghrib.
  9. Boarders who get themselves locked in their room in the hostel during college time will have their hostel seat cancelled.
  10. Students availing hostel facilities for examination or other purpose will be charged Rs. 150/- per days as hostel dues and mess charges.
  11. Full payment is to be made if the mess facility has been used for more than 10 days.


  1. Among the male visitors only father/guardian and those whose name s are included in the visitors list submitted with the hostel admission forms will be permitted to visit the boarders.
  2. Visitors are allowed to visit the boarders during college hours and after Maghrib.
  3. Visitors are not allowed to visit the boarders during college hours and after Maghrib.
  4. Parents can see the principal on Saturday s after 12:00 noon


  1. Mess fee is charged on quarterly basis. Fall payment is to be made if the mess has been used for more than 10 days. For Less than 10 days, meals will be charged at the rate of Rs, 150/- daily.
  2. There is a specified time for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Students are required to come for their meals on the specified time,
  3. Boarders are not allowed to take dining hall cutlery and crockery to their rooms.
  4. Meals will be served in the Dining Hall only,
  5. No meals can be ordered from the off campus restaurants through phone call.

Neither the guardians nor the parents can send it through off campus restaurants service.

  1. Non Boarder student will pay Rs. 250/= per day, (For students only)
  2. 100/= per day will be charged at the time of Residence.(For hostel students only)
  3. 50/= per meal will be charged from any college member taking meal from the hostel.


  1. Furnishings/furniture left by the boarders, if not claimed within three months will become College property,
  2. No responsibility will be taken by the hostel authority for the loss of valuables and money belonging to be boarders. Boarders are advised not to bring precious jewellery to the hostel. They can deposit their pocket money in the bank.
  3. No responsibility will be taken of boarder’s articles left in the hostel during summer vacation.
  4. Electric heaters, VCR. TV, Electric Kettles, stoves, coolers, electric appliances and mobile phones are not allowed. If found they will be confiscated and will not be returned and strict action will be taken against defaulters:


  1. After the lights have been switched off, boarders are not allowed to visit other girls in the rooms or to roam about in corridors or to make noise.
  2. Servant quarters (Dhobi, Driver, Sweepers etc.) are out of bounds at all time,
  3. The boarders are not allowed to go to the tailor’s shop after Maghrib.
  4. No girl is allowed to go to the academic block, main gate or the auditorium side after college hours.
  5. Day scholars are not allowed in the hostel at any time and they cannot use the telephone booth in the hostel.
  6. Outsiders are not allowed to stay in the hostel.
  7. No servant may be sent or used for any personal service without the permission of the warden,
  8. If any furniture/ furnishing are damaged by a boarder, she will have to pay for the repair.
  9. Boarders should not remove any thing belonging to the hostel even for the college functions without the permission of the warden
  10. Lights must be off at 11.30 pm.
  11. The volume of music has to remain low at all times; otherwise the transistor / tape recorder will be confiscated.
  12. Lights and fans must be switched off before leaving for college.
  13. Boarders must leave the hostel 10 minutes before the assembly.
  14. Boarders must come back to the hostel a day before the college reopens.
  15. Walls, doors, cupboards and windows should not be spoiled in any way.
  16. Corridors and rooms should be kept clean at all times.
  17. Gas stoves can be used till 11 pm.


  1. Cafeteria
  2. Prayer Room
  3. Stationery Shop
  4. Tailor
  5. Photocopy Machine
  6. Dhobi


  1. Students are to follow these rules strictly; additions and amendments in these rules shall be made during the session if necessary. These changes will be posted on the Notice Board from time to time.
  2. Students are required to give a month’s notice before leaving the hostel, otherwise they will be charged for the first month of absence, after which their name will be struck off the rolls.
  3. Readmission to the hostel, if allowed, will be possible only once during the academic term.