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M.Phil HOME ECONOMICS (Human Development and Family Studies)

//M.Phil HOME ECONOMICS (Human Development and Family Studies)
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M.Phil HOME ECONOMICS (Human Development and Family Studies):

Introduction to M.Phil HOME ECONOMICS (Human Development and Family Studies)

At the Department of Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS), the students explore family and human development in holistic perspective to understand the relationship between individuals, family and the environment throughout the lifespan. An understanding of application of theoretical approaches and current trends in child, adolescent, adult and family development within professional framework is also expected from the students. A laboratory nursery school and a center for special children are available for hands on training of the students.M.Phil / Ph.D programmes open new horizons and a pathway to progress through academic excellence.
This programme will open a variety of professional opportunities including human and family relationship management, social and human services, child and family counselors, community based developmental programmes, early childhood education and administration, infant and toddler assessment and programming, day care services, running child development referral services, services for special children, family and / or home based entrepreneurs and extension programmes of Human Development and Family Studies.

Scheme of Studies

Home Economics is an encompassing field involving many areas of subject matter and a wide variety of experiences. Food and Nutrition, Textiles and Clothing, Art and Design, Human Development and Family Studies, Housing, Home Management and Interior Design are the different areas of Home Economics. A close relation exists among the areas of Home Economics as well as between Home Economics courses and supportive courses taught outside the field. The Physical and Social Science, Applied Art, Psychology and Philosophy have direct and important contribution in the field of Home Economics. Focus is on conceptual and applied research.

Keeping in view the requirements of Higher Education Commission the courses of Home Economics have been designed to meet the international standards of Post Graduate education. The M.Phil HOME ECONOMICS (Human Development and Family Studies) program has the Below scheme of studies.

Credit Hours:-

The total credit hours and break down for the compulsory and elective / optional papers are as follows:

1Core course (See form the below list)16 credits
2Elective course (See form the below list)12 credits (4 credits each)
3Dissertation02 credits
4Seminars / Fieldwork02 credits

Core Courses

Student can select any 4 courses from the below Core Courses list:

1Research Methods - I + II04 credits each
2Research Methods advanced I + II04 credits each
3Research Methods III A&B04 credits each
4Statistics04 credits
5Human Resource Management04 credits

Elective Courses

Learning Objectives:

1. To acquire detailed knowledge of trends and perspectives related to human development, family dynamics, exceptional children and guidance of children.

2. To attain skills in integrating knowledge and acquiring a multi disciplinary approach for dealing with problems pertaining to human development and family relationship, adjustments and guidance of normal and exceptional children.
3. To develop abilities of transferring research into practice and dissemination of information.


From the Courses Below Students have to select any 3 courses as Elective Courses to meet the requirement of M.Phil in HOME ECONOMICS (Human Development and Family Studies)

  • Perspectives of Human Development
  • Advanced Studies of Exceptional Children
  • Assessment and Evaluation of issues in HDFS
  • Family Dynamics
  • Language Development during Early Childhood
  • Guidance of Young Child
  • Sociology (pure and applied)

M.Phil HOME ECONOMICS (Human Development and Family Studies)

The fees and other charges to be paid by students for admission to the courses of studies and the examination of the University shall be the same as for other subjects in the faculty of science of the University as charged for the M.S. / M. Phil/ Ph.D degree programs.


Total seats in M.Phil program are 30 and 6 seats are allocated for each discipline . So Seats allotment in M.Phil HOME ECONOMICS (Human Development and Family Studies) are 6

M.Phil HOME ECONOMICS (Human Development and Family Studies) = 6

Eligibility for Admission:

  • The applicants who have qualified BS / M.Sc. Home Economics in their respective fields can apply for admission to M.Phil program.
  • Eligibility criteria are in accordance with the University of the Punjab rules and regulations.

Enrolment in M.Phil Programme

For enrollment in M.Phil program the candidate in addition to the frameworks as laid down by Punjab University should meet the following criteria:

  • BS/ M.Sc Degree in Home Economics.
  • 1st division in BS/M.Sc Home Economics.
  • Candidate with 2nd division in BS/ M.Sc Home Economics should have a minimum of 5 years teaching / work experience in the relevant area of study.
  • Fresh graduates with 2nd division will be eligible only if the candidate has done research work at the Masters level; and secured at least 60% in Research Work.
  • All candidates must clear entry test before admission.
  • Faculty members will be given preference for improving their academic qualification.