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P.hD Program in CHE:

Home Economics is a professional field and the courses have been developed keeping in mind the requirements of various professions that are open to graduates in this discipline. The Government College of Home Economics, Lahore was founded in 1955 to create a distinguished center of excellence for teaching and research in the field of Home Economics. Since its inception, the college has been affiliated with the University of the Punjab. It awards six years integrated BS degree. The college is also offering M.Phil and Ph.D programmes in five major areas of Home Economics. Home Economics is an encompassing field involving many areas of subject matter and a wide variety of experiences. Food and Nutrition, Textiles and Clothing, Art and Design, Human Development and Family Studies, Housing, Home Management and Interior Design are the different areas of Home Economics. A close relation exists among the areas of Home Economics as well as between Home Economics courses and supportive courses taught outside the field. The Physical and Social Science, Applied Art, Psychology and Philosophy have direct and important contribution in the field of Home Economics. Focus is on conceptual and applied research.