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Ph.D HOME ECONOMICS (Housing, Home Management and Interior Design)

//Ph.D HOME ECONOMICS (Housing, Home Management and Interior Design)
Ph.D HOME ECONOMICS (Housing, Home Management and Interior Design) 2017-12-22T04:13:13+00:00

Ph.D HOME ECONOMICS (Housing, Home Management and Interior Design):

Introduction to Ph.D HOME ECONOMICS (Housing Home Management and Interior Design)

The department encompasses three main areas of Home Economics, giving insight into the basic human need of shelter and the minimum standards of housing(according to international standards). The academic courses together with practical experience gained through financial and human resource management develop students’ awareness regarding markets; production; distribution and consumption of wealth, leading to professionalism in home management.
The main focus of the department is on interior design and environmental management. Students are prepared for entrepreneurship in furniture designing, optimum use of light and colour in interiors, as well as sustainable practices in the housing industry. Management courses offered by this department give students greater insight into the world around them and open up opportunities in various fields of management. All courses are designed keeping the market trends in focus while striving to provide hand-son professional experiences to the students.
The M.Phil curriculum will help guide students to examine the future of interior industry in relation to sustainable strategies, ecologies of waste materials, creating awareness and developing low cost, efficient housing solutions. Ph.D. program in the Housing, Home Management & Interior Design is designed to help researchers in creating impact at local, national and international levels by working at the intersection of conceptual and applied research.

Scheme of Studies

Home Economics is an encompassing field involving many areas of subject matter and a wide variety of experiences. Food and Nutrition, Textiles and Clothing, Art and Design, Human Development and Family Studies, Housing, Home Management and Interior Design are the different areas of Home Economics. A close relation exists among the areas of Home Economics as well as between Home Economics courses and supportive courses taught outside the field. The Physical and Social Science, Applied Art, Psychology and Philosophy have direct and important contribution in the field of Home Economics. Focus is on conceptual and applied research.

Keeping in view the requirements of Higher Education Commission the courses of Home Economics have been designed to meet the international standards of Post Graduate education. The Ph.D HOME ECONOMICS (Housing Home Management and Interior Design) program has the Below scheme of studies.

Credit Hours:-

The total credit hours and break down for the compulsory and elective / optional papers are as follows:

1Core course (See form the below list)8 credits
2Elective course (See form the below list)4 credits
3DissertationMust for Ph.D students
4Seminars / Fieldwork01 credit

Core Courses

Student have to read both courses from the below Core Courses list:

1Research Methods - I04 credits
2Research Methods - II04 credits

Elective Courses

Learning Objectives:

1. To create awareness regarding the complex phenomenon of human settlements and the development of a range of skills for professional practice such as landscape architects, color consultants and spatial planners.
2. To be able to critically reflect and report the relationship between environment and architecture.
3. To develop skills in enhancing efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy and space in the fields of Housing and Interior Design.


From the Courses Below Students have to select any 1 course as Elective Course to meet the requirement of M.Phil in HOME ECONOMICS (Housing, Home Management and Interior Design)

  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Landscape Design
  • Interior Space Planning
  • The role of Colour and Light in Interiors
  • Furniture and Furnishings
  • Population and Environmental Management
  • Housing Policy and Planning.

Ph.D HOME ECONOMICS (Housing Home Management and Interior Design)

The fees and other charges to be paid by students for admission to the courses of studies and the examination of the University shall be the same as for other subjects in the faculty of science of the University as charged for the M.S. / M. Phil/ Ph.D degree programs.

ALLOTMENT OF SEATS FOR ADMISSION IN Ph.D HOME ECONOMICS (Housing Home Management and Interior Design)

Total seats in Ph.D program are 10 and 2 seats are allocated for each discipline . So Seats allotment in Ph.D HOME ECONOMICS (Housing Home Management and Interior Design) is 2

Ph.D HOME ECONOMICS (Housing Home Management and Interior Design) = 2

Eligibility for Admission:

  • Students who are M.Phil qualified can apply for Ph.D program.
  • Eligibility criteria are in accordance with the University of the Punjab rules and regulations.