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Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics

///Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics
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Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics:

Admission requirements: B.S Hons / M. Sc. in Food & Nutrition

Diploma prepares professionals to work as dietitians in diverse hospital and community based settings

Clinical Nutrition

Therapeutic Nutrition 1 Therapeutic Nutrition III Therapeutic Nutrition II Guidance and Counseling 16 weeks of supervised internship in recognized hospitals. Total Marks = 500


Admission Fee 300/-
Tiution Fee 1440/-
Hostel Admission
Hostel Accomodation
Union Fund 96/-
ID Card 6/-
Medical Fund 96/-
Red Crescent Fund 12/-
Practical Fund 192/-
Magazine Fund 120/-
Library Security 1000/- (Refundable)
Mess Security
Welfare Fund 240/-
Bus Fund 2100/-
I.T Education 2400/-
Total Amount 8002/-
University Dues 1000/-